Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baby Fashion Victim

Raelynn is usually a very good baby. We're very lucky. But even the best babies can be naughty at times. Take last night for example. She was great at the start of the night. Got her to bed easily in her own room. Even when she woke up to eat, no big deal. Somewhere around 3am though, Raelynn decided she wanted to play, despite being visibly sleepy. I tried EVERYTHING in my bag of tricks. I tried rocking her to sleep in her room. I tried patting her while she was in her crib. Singing her songs. Begging her to go to sleep. Nothing. I moved her to our room along with her chair so I could at least rock her from the comforts of bed. This was even worse. I then moved her into bed with us but all she wanted to do was kick us and crawl all over us. Oh, and stand on our heads while she groped at our headboard, which she finds strangely fascinating.

In any event, I didn't sleep well AT ALL last night. Even with my husband's attempts at trying to get Raelynn to sleep. So it was really very cool of him to, at a reasonable time of morning, take her away from headbutting me in the center of my back where I am experiencing shooting pains thanks to pulling it when I'd picked her up in the middle of the night, and put her in her playpen so I could rest a little longer.

During this time, he thought he'd be even more helpful by also dressing her. Would you like to see what Lane put our daughter in?
Dear Lord! What kind of fucking outfit IS this anyway? It looks like something my MIL would have put on herself, let alone how she would dress Raelynn if she had the chance. Incidentally, I love the face she's making here, don't you? She just KNOWS this ensemble is so poorly put together. Let's break it down, shall we? Okay, even though it is quite warm inside our house with the radiators going, Lane freaks out if Raelynn doesn't have long sleeves on. So I get the little hoodie. She should wear this piece as much as possible because she's starting to outgrow it. It goes with most things anyway. But this coupled with the shirt AND the pants! Ack! NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
The shirt actually has a matching pair of pants. He KNOWS this because he picked that outfit to buy her when we were in Korea last summer. I wasn't keen on it but I'd shot down 100 other things he wanted to buy her and I felt this one was the least ghastly. Together with the matching pants, it's really cute. But he put it on with these pink pants. I don't know if you can see it, but these pink pants happen to have a poop stain on them. Someone (MIL or quite possibly my own husband) didn't rinse and soak them fast enough when it had happened and the stain set. Because it is so blisteringly cold outside, I reserve these pants now only for going underneath cute, non-poopstained pants when we leave the house. He knows this too. For the final touch of fugly, he has tucked the shirt into the pants. Poor Raelynn! But don't worry...Mommy's first order of business upon rubbing her eyes and seeing a badly dressed sulking baby being placed next to her was to go change said baby into something much more fashionable.

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