Monday, April 20, 2015

We're Coming To America!

I just want to share the awesomest of most awesome news with all of you - after mountains of paperwork and lots of stress, Jeremy and I are so excited to tell you that we've received his immigrant visa. We're coming to America! WOOHOO!

This is, of course, incredible and amazing in and of itself. But when you are sitting down to a plate of slop for dinner, at least when you know you are moving away in a few more months, it makes the turds MIL serves up a little easier to swallow.

We'll be there in July. Stay tuned for when and all that good stuff. Oh and of course, if you know anyone who needs a totally fab writer (that's me, duh) or someone who can translate between 3 languages (Jeremy) or is a certified chef (Jeremy again) please let me know! Thanks for reading my blog and sharing my joy!


  1. congratulations! Hope the transition will be smooth for you :)