Friday, April 19, 2013

Presented With Little Comment: Engrish Science Projects

Next week at school, we'll have Science Day. My students will be bringing in their science projects to display on Monday. And when I say my students, I really mean their hyper-competitive moms who will likely do all the work for them. But the elementary students have already done their projects. They set up tables in the lobby, which is just outside the kindergarten, to display some of them, but the wind kept blowing them down so they moved them somewhere else. Where? I don't know, but I happened to notice something extremely amusing before all of them were moved.

I was bringing the kindergarten kids in from the school bus when I saw it. I did a quadruple take. Then, after I sent the children to class, I went back out to make sure I saw what I saw.

I know you want to see it too!
Why, yes! "Rice Curse" nearly caused me to pee my pants. In fact, if not for that, I probably wouldn't have noticed the project above it. Do you see what I see? Here's a closer look...

Coke Ejaculation.
I wonder if Patrick and Tony saw this.
I wonder where they have moved all these glorious projects now. Because I bet you I can find more insane Engrish on there.
And yes, I did notice it says "Dite Coke" on there.
And it says "Mentors" instead of "Mentos."
God, this thing is a gold mine of hilarity!

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