Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New & Improved!

After the last depressing post, I moped around for a bit. And then I decided after another email from my dad that sitting around feeling sad wasn't going to change anything. It wouldn't suddenly make Daddy better. And it surely wouldn't make him feel any better either. He and Mom are unable to make the trip and now the best thing I can do from here is focus on coming home in the summer, and having fun with my kids. Because seeing photos of us having fun will make Daddy feel good and happy. Much happier than seeing us sad, that's for sure.

So Daddy, this one's for you!

Yesterday, before I'd gotten the lousy news that my father had to cancel on his trip to China for the Chinese New Year, I'd been having a marvelous day. A long day, but a lovely one indeed. I'd been selected for a hot mom makeover. It will be in the next issue so when that comes out, I'll be sure to post a link so you can see all the professional photos involving the before and after, as well as the in-progress shots.

My appointment was at 10am. Jeremy drove me before heading off to work so I was about 30 minutes early. From the moment I arrived at Raphael Perrier, I was treated like a celebrity. Flavored water. REAL coffee. Everyone kept checking on me as I waited for the Chinese editor of the magazine and the photographer.

Just chillaxin', waiting for Christina and Kelly, who oddly and very coincidentally, share the English names of 2 of my Korean coworkers at school!

Some of you are aware of how much I despise my hair in its' natural state. If not, now you know. I HATE IT. As a native Floridian, I looked at my wavy curly locks as a curse. My hair ALWAYS frizzed. Once I moved to Seoul, my hair was a lot more tame when it was cold outside because of the lack of humidity. But in summer, I faced the same hair problems as I did in Florida. Frizzy hell. In Korea, many women get a hair treatment called Magic Straight. I fell in love with it. I loved my hair after that.

Until it grew out. And ever since, once the frizz was too much to handle, I'd beg my husband to take me to the salon to get it fixed. 

In the next photo, you are about to see my hair as it looks without being flat-ironed after blowing it dry when there is no chemical straightener left in my hair except at the very ends. To me, it looks like hair diarrhea. You be the judge.
 Gross, right? Gah! I hate it! It made me feel like I was 100 years old. Barf!

My stylist is a handsome Chinese man with the English name of Jimmy, even though he speaks very little English. With the help of Christina and Kelly, I explain to him why I hate my hair and that I am open to a new look. I want to look younger. I do not want frizzy ugly hair. Yes, you can cut my hair but not too short and no bangs. We discuss the strategy and then, for the next 7 hours, I am fussed over.

As Jimmy and his team worked their magic on me, I was treated to more delicious coffee, little tea cookies, and McDonald's when it came time for lunch and we were still deep in the process of fixing my hair.

When I first saw my hair, I couldn't believe it. Can I just tell you that I love it? LOVE IT. Seriously. I should have done this AGES ago. I feel pretty! Also, I had my make-up done but I am pretty good at doing it myself so you can't much tell the difference in that. It was just fun to feel spoiled for a day. I didn't even have my make-up done at my wedding ceremony.

So, I bet you want to see what I look like now, don't you? Of course you do! Drum roll please...presenting the new and improved me!
 Jimmy straightened that frizz on out of there. Then, after combating that, he colored my hair a lighter brown with highlights. I love flipping my hair in the can see all the different shades of browns and some blond in there too. When he'd asked me if I'd let him color my hair, I said that would be awesome. But when he asked me to choose a color, I had no idea what to pick. So I told him whatever would make me look younger. I left it in his hands. Jimmy, you totally rule! Thank you!

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