Sunday, February 15, 2015

Another Demonic Bunny Nightmare

On Saturday morning after I'd Skyped with my folks, the doorbell rang. I assumed that it was just Jeremy returning from his weekly soccer game. Sometimes he doesn't bring his keys or he's just lazy and wants us to open the door. I'd just put Seoul down for her morning nap and was hanging out with Raelynn. "Daddy!" she shouts. I tell her to go let her daddy in.

But it's not her daddy. It's FIL.

Inexplicably, at least to me, FIL has decided to come over to bring this item...
Gah! It's another evil bunny rabbit! Straight out of my nightmares and into my home!

I'd like you to also take note that this is how it looked when he gave it to Raelynn, with the ears breaking off. It looks used, right? I mean in addition to being possessed, which clearly, it is. Like FIL.

This awful thing is mechanical too. Do the ears wiggle? Do the legs move? God, I bet those evil red eyes light right up.

 Of course, FIL couldn't be bothered to put batteries in it. I will never figure this man out. Why does he bring her things like this? I seriously think he's a few fireworks short of a Chinese New Year.

 Demon bunny is watching you! Gah! I think it has a tongue! We are never ever EVER putting batteries in Satan's bunny toy. I cannot wait to get rid of this thing. When we go to move, we will be selling any toys that are still functioning and worth selling. Others we will give away. And this thing we will shove in a hole in the ground and bury with cement because we cannot fathom inflicting it upon any other family. Die, evil bunny! Die!


  1. Yikes! Looks like one of those crummy toys they sell on the streets over there. My FIL can't resist them either.

    1. Haha! It sure does! That's probably where he got it. Or from a dumpster. Ugh.