Monday, November 3, 2014

Give Me A Hand, Won't You?

What do these gloves all have in common? Read on to find out.

Earlier this weekend, I went to wash the dishes and discovered that there were 3 right-handed dishwashing gloves at the sink. 3. Curious, I asked my husband who had 3 right arms in the family and he chuckled, saying I just had to make do for right now.

What did MIL do with my dishwashing gloves?!? Why do we only have them for the right hand?!? Also, I did not like this "make do" business. I know China is a third world country but it's not hard to buy a pair of dishwashing gloves here.

I am mystified.

In the bathroom, we keep an extra stash of old, worn-out dishwashing gloves for unpleasant chores or situations that don't come up often. Cleaning the air filters would be one. Scrubbing poop explosions from the baby would be another. Actually, it's more like HE than we. He started it. It's his collection of gloves. But last time I checked, they were in actual pairs with left and right hands accounted for.

And I thought 3 mismatched right-hand only gloves was a totally bizarre find! Jeremy checked them today and now there are 6 - yes, 6! - gloves and ALL of them are the right hand. Where did the left hand go? All I want is a pair of gloves that represent both of my appendages.

I mean, just LOOK at this!

Have you ever tried to wash your dishes with the wrong glove on one of your hands?!? Just give that a try, won't you? At least I don't have to suffer any longer at the hands of the 6 right-handed gloves. Jeremy stopped on his way home and bought us a brand new pair of gloves. Let's see how long these last before 1) MIL fills one or both with water when she's washing dishes 2) MIL rips one or both of them or 3) the left one wanders off to a home occupied by less nutsy people. Stay tuned!


  1. This really made me laugh. How on eRth is this possible, is you MiL eating them? I have always the problem when I search for rubber gloves or working gloves that I can't find any or in the wrong size (either my wife's or from my dad whose hands have the size of pizzas..)

    1. Maybe that's what she stuffs her dumplings with! Hahaha! Mystery solved! And pizza-sized it!

  2. I wonder if there is a special club for Chinese MILs, either in real life or a secret corner of the Internet. They meet to discuss various ways of trolling their daughters or sons-in-law. Topics could include: "How to break things without looking like you did it on purpose" or "New methods of making a mess in the kitchen: In depth study of filthy rags and sponges." Or "10 creative places to store leftover food."

    1. LMAO! I am dying over "In depth study of filthy rags and sponges." DYING. Seriously, they must have some sort of classes. Oooh! Maybe I could get my sweet husband to make up a fake sign advertising a Chinese MIL meet-up to discuss these items and see if any of them show up. Then we'll KNOW! LOL!