Monday, November 24, 2014

Even Crazier Chinese Road Construction

In July, I posted about some nutsy road construction they were doing on our street. You've seriously got to check it out. Go here for that. Well now, just a few months later, we have more insane road construction happening on our street. Check it out...
 If our building were in this photo, it would be to the left. I think I see a sliver of it behind that tree on the left side. Look at this busted-up road! It adds to the dumpy ambiance of this crappy neighborhood, the one my friend Andrea had dubbed "the part of Qingdao that time forgot." Seriously. When I look up and down our street, I KNOW I am in a third world country.

Anyway, to the right, in orange, you can see a worker laying bricks. Because they also tore up the whole sidewalk. Just because. Photos of that in a moment, but first...

 Here's more of the view down the street to the right of our building.

 Now I'm turning back toward our building. I'll just let these next few photos speak for themselves...

 They poked these holes into the asphalt. I am soooooooo happy our windows don't face this way. I shudder to think how noisy that would have been.

 The sidewalk as we're walking to our building. Or rather what was the sidewalk. Now it just looks like a war zone. They are laying the bricks you see from the giant stacks down right now. I think they are working around the clock on this. No kidding...they were at it when I woke up and looked out the window at 5:45am.

 Taken right in front of our building while my back is to our building.

A close-up of the rubble.

I shit you not, this is about the 10th time they've destroyed our street like this since I've been living here. I moved here in November of 2010. So yeah. They are ALWAYS doing this. Just when you think it's peaceful again, they start demolishing something else. And through traffic can just forget about it. The honking is enough to drive any person over the edge.

They also have these big piles of sand that they're using with the bricks and they have thoughtfully lined the side with the smashed up road bits with it so that it is nearly impossible for 2 cars to pass each other, making a drive down our street a total nightmare.

People that like living here don't live in our neighborhood. Maybe I'd like Qingdao if I didn't live in this neighborhood too. Or have in-laws like mine. Then again, maybe I should look at it positively...perhaps the construction crews were simply digging me a hole from China to the US. Oh how I wish. If only it were that simple!


  1. So... they basically just opened ip holes in the road and kind of left it there??
    I'm glad you have photos, because just hearing this story I would probably be like !haha, yeah right, you must be exaggerating!"
    Evidently, you're not. :(

    1. They aren't leaving them there...they're digging up some invisible item as far as I can tell and then closing it all back up. Then, they'll do it again in a few more months. It's maddening. Every day, my eldest asks me why the stupid people broke the sidewalk and the street again.

  2. Gotta love Chinese contruction work however they pale compared to the Russian work :)
    Loved it in St Petersburg when they just filled trash into a street construction hole and then closed it up ...

    1. Hahaha! Oh Russia! I went to Moscow when I was 15 and it was definitely a "fall behind place" as my husband would have called it. But that was when the ruble fell out and the US dollar could buy so much of everything. So it was an awesome trip. My dad and I ate our weight in caviar. Oh and my brother and I got shushed in the Lenin exhibit for laughing. Which just made us laugh even harder but we couldn't let the guards see us laughing so we had to suppress this laughter. Meanwhile, our dad was pretending not to know us in case we got kicked out for our behavior.

    2. Russia is always an interesting place. I have never been to Moscow, just to St. Petersburg and old Finnish territories at the far north west of Russia as we have some family there.
      Honestly, I think China is doing better for me than Russia. In China there are those crazy people but in Russia it is on another level entirely, it is beyong describing it