Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Banish Thee To The Couch!

Yesterday, Raelynn's teacher, Kelly, told me that they would be making strawberry milk today. She asked me to bring a small carton of milk and 10 strawberries. I was pleased to do so, and quite relieved we had those exact things in our home already. I didn't need to wander down the street in search of strawberries and then argue with some crook who would try to push down on the scale to make the weight read higher than the bag. It's why Jeremy does the shopping at the markets. No one cheats him.

As it was Monday, my in-laws came over for dinner. When my husband came home, we caught up about our days and I told him all about how Raelynn was going to make strawberry milk with her class. She even told him how excited she was about this activity and my husband was absolutely delighted that she would be doing something so fun in her class.

Fast forward to this morning when we're getting ready for school. My husband asks what he should pack us for our snacks and I remind him to grab the milk and the strawberries for Raelynn. And then, this shits out of his mouth:
"The strawberries? I gave them to my mom last night."

"YOU WHAT?!?!?" I shriek at him, absolutely floored that he would do such a thing.

"I gave the strawberries to my mom because they were good strawberries," he explains stupidly, as I continue to sear him with a burning gaze of rage.

"WHY would you do that?!? I told you Raelynn is going to make strawberry milk with her class today and you STILL gave them to that woman?!? Why didn't you give her those fucking apples that you keep trying to pawn off on me? You just HAD TO give her one of the fruits that I want to eat AND that Raelynn needs to bring to school!"

My husband hung his head in shame. And he should. He totally fucked it up there. It pisses me off to no end that he thinks about making his mom happy at the sake of taking from us. Now I'm not saying he shouldn't be kind and give her nice things, but for fuck's sake, if the strawberries look that awesome at the market, buy her a bag of them too! Don't give her our bag of them! Especially when I tell you I'll need some of those strawberries for our daughter to take to school.

I was going to tell Jeremy that he had to sleep on the couch tonight. Or in the toilet. But he slapped on his sneakers and bolted out the door, returning 10 minutes later breathlessly clutching a bag of strawberries. And now I'm not as angry with him. I love my husband. I don't want to make him sleep on the couch. But I DO want him to think twice before he does anything this idiotic again.

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