Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Latest Yuck

Yesterday, my in-laws came over. And MIL made us dinner. She'd made a very large steamed fish which I must say was extremely tasty. And then she made dumplings, predictably. Though I didn't mind so much since we hadn't seen her in about 2 weeks. When I saw her assembling them, I thought it was my favorite kind of filling - the one with leeks and beef. But as it turns out, they were made with oysters. Now, I like oysters. Truly, I do. If I'm honest, I love them raw on the half shell, which makes me think of back home in South Florida. Specifically, a wonderful little place called Southport Raw Bar. And thinking about that takes me back to some of my earliest memories. If you are reading this and you are anywhere near this place, GO! Go now. Go and get the clam chowder. Go get the Old Bay shrimp. Go get the oysters on the half shell. Go get one of everything on that menu NOW and eat it for me.

Okay, sorry. I am back from my tangent. Where was I? Oh yes. Oysters. So I love them raw, but to have them massacred and steamed into dumplings? Not so much. I wanted so much for those dumplings to have beef or even pork in them but no. At least they were WAY better than those fish dumplings she made. Yuck!

And speaking of yuck, that leads me to the latest yuck. After the revenge of the yuck and all other previous yucks, this one is at least much tamer.
It's our crappy little rolling pin. Covered in flour. She put it back into the drawer of kitchen utensils just like this.
Here's another view of it.

See? Not as disgusting as all the other yucks but still. If she does this with floured items, imagine what she does with other things. Oh God. I think I'm going to be sick. Ack! Think happy thoughts! Think happy thoughts! Puppies! Kittens! Rainbows! Chocolate! Donuts! Milkshakes! Oh yeah...milkshakes. That's better.

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