Monday, February 25, 2013

Keep Calm

Well, here I go again. At least not on my own. And not on the only road I've ever known. Oh Whitesnake. You still rule.

I'm trying to relax before the first day back at work in 2 months. My students won't be there until Thursday but it will still take some getting used to again. I spent my whole last day coloring with Raelynn. That kid colored dinosaurs and fairies until she was pretty sick of them I'm sure. We had a tea party and played with all her toys. I always love those simple moments with my daughter. I'll certainly think back on them when I'm having a rough moment at school.

Instead of getting to be with my little cuddlebug all day, guess who gets to come watch her? Yup. Those two dinglewads my husband calls his parents. Ugh. They'll come over and make a mess which they won't clean up. They'll cook things that smell like farts and roadkill. They'll bring Raelynn ugly rags of clothing to dress her in while I'm away so she looks like one of the fat little baby boys here. Oh yes. I'm sure these two imbeciles are gearing up for pissing me off repeatedly.

Thinking about it of course sends me into a huge rage. My husband keeps telling me to calm down but it's really hard. His parents are very sweet but very dense. At MIL's house for all those awful, greasy dinners, when Raelynn wanted water, she gave her hot water. Not warm water. HOT. Even FIL yelled at her. And every single time we've gone for dinner, she's fed Raelynn wontons. Raelynn likes lots of things. Poor kid won't touch wontons if we have them at our house. I know why - because it's all she eats when MIL is watching her.

There's nothing I can do about it though, is there? All I can do is try to keep calm. And make the most out of my afternoons, evenings and weekends when I am with Raelynn so that her skills, speaking and development, continue to blossom. I found a motivational poster of sorts that seems to work for me at least. Everyone's always posting those "Keep Calm" memes on Facebook. I searched on Google until I found one that made me smile (you can go here to find one for you). It is SO fitting for me, since I must admit I love the song and dance, plus I work with Koreans. I think this will be my motto for the year:

See? It's perfect!

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