Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The In-Laws Have A Death Wish

Somehow, I yet again resisted the urge to strangle both my in-laws today. I know, I know. You're not at all surprised by that revelation, are you?

Last week, MIL stupidly asked me if she could hold the baby. After she'd been with Seoul allllllllllllllllll day long and I had just started enjoying my time with her before she fell asleep. Incidentally, because both my in-laws are too idiotic to care for a baby and have no idea how to get her to go to sleep, this poor child falls asleep within one hour of my arrival home. So I get one hour with my precious baby, who is now 3 months old today. ONE HOUR. The rest of the time, I watch her sleep and nurse her when she needs to eat. Jeremy yelled at them about this, but it's still happening. Because. They. Are. So. So. So. Stupid. Or maybe they're doing it on purpose.

Anyway, like hell I'm giving up Seoul to let those fuckheads hold her when I get home. Aside from quickly tossing a load of laundry in, I stayed right by Seoul's side. While I was starting the washer, MIL poked her head into the bathroom and asked me if FIL could hold the baby. No, I tell her in Chinese and finish what I'm doing so I can hurry back in to Seoul who had begun crying.

I realize I've left my phone in my bag by the door so I take Seoul with me to get it and MIL again asks me if her husband can hold the baby. I stop, stare at her and then ask her if she's lost her mind. Because that's what I'm to assume, isn't it? You AND your idiot husband watch MY baby all day. And now he wants to hold her? Not on my watch!

I told Jeremy about this so I hope he's clued them in that they should never ask that question ever ever EVER again. I imagine he said something like, "Hey bumblebrains, my wife works all day and just wants to see our other beautiful daughter because she's been away from her all day and you guys are selfish fucks for even asking her if you can hold the baby when she gets home from work." Ah, in a perfect world! How I wish! Hell, if he just told them they can't hold the baby when I get home from work, I'll settle for that.
Look at this sweet face! What kind of dolts could possibly think that I even want to be apart from her during the day, and then not want to spend all the time I've got with her once I get home? What is wrong with them? Are they stupid? Selfish? Both? Argh!

We're still organizing before scheduling Jeremy's visa interview but I hope it won't be too much longer until we do. I need to know if we're approved. God, please let my husband be approved. I can't leave him with those chodes. And we've got to get our girls away from them before they catch the stupid too.

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