Monday, October 20, 2014

Designed By FIL

It's been a hot minute since FIL has given us something to gawk at. Remember all this? Yeah. Just scroll through all that for a moment. I especially love this project.

FIL's been refraining from his half-assed repairs and decorating for a while. But today, he apparently couldn't help himself. I came home and saw this...
I love this silky scroll thing, by the way. We picked that out to replace all the horrible things that my in-laws had in this house when we moved into it. When I first saw this arrangement though, I thought, "Who the hell touched our scroll? Why is it draped over the lamp?"

Upon closer inspection, I discovered this...
See, the lamp's neck was a bit broken. It wouldn't raise up any higher. This didn't bother us. But it apparently bothered FIL. So he decided to string it up and tie it to the same nail our scroll hangs from. Because. Because he's severely touched in the head? I've no idea. It's not like this lamp is miles higher than it was. I just fail to understand the purpose of this repair. Jeremy didn't understand either. He just laughed at my confusion over this and then patted my hand, reminding me that we'll move soon enough. Please God, let us move away from here as soon as we can so I don't have to fight the urge to string FIL up. Why anyone would think this is a great idea is beyond me. Then again, it's FIL so that explains a lot.


  1. He's just trying to be helpful and save money on a new nail. Ha ha ha.
    There used to be a website called White Trash Repairs. Not sure if it still exists. There are apparently many people out there who lose all common sense when it comes to DIY. The moron who owned this house before us used women's nylons for fix-it jobs in the basement. Why waste a few cents on hardware and glue when you can tie everything together with your wife's hosiery?!!!

  2. Hahaha! I will never understand why people do things in such a half-assed way. Like your basement. Or our lamp. Which was bothering no one. It's not like he even raised it that much higher. It's just annoying. Like him.