Friday, July 19, 2013

RIP Tomato And Eggplant Deliciousness

After a nice day of shopping with my husband, I had looked forward to making a very simple dinner out of leftovers in our refrigerator. The other day, I'd made homemade tomato sauce and served it with fried eggplant and rosemary flatbread (also homemade). It was almost like a cheese-less pizza. It was incredibly delicious.

Unfortunately, I did not know then that MIL would dispose of this - the only thing she's ever thrown out of our refrigerator, incidentally - and shove in about 40 baozi, or steamed stuffed buns. Which I fucking hate. They are so bready to me. While her dumplings are usually pretty good, depending on the filling, I can almost surely bet the farm every time that the baozi will taste like they are stuffed with shit and farts.

What an insipid old troll! Sure, I have tomatoes and eggplant in the fridge but by the time I discovered she'd tossed my prepared dish, it was too late to whip up more. I needed to get dinner on the table before Raelynn went nuts. So thanks again, MIL. You also broke my kitchen gloves with your goat hooves, filling them with water in the process. So much fun to have little mini-swimming pools on my fucking hands you know. Next time you come over, I will throw out your food in front of you and see how you like it. Oh and Raelynn wouldn't eat your baozi either. She did, however, eat my ham and cheese sandwich. So there.

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