Monday, November 19, 2012

They're Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Cue the music from Poltergeist, won't you? Because when I was putting the laundry away this afternoon, I made a grisly discovery in Raelynn's closet...

OH GOD! These fucking disgusting things AGAIN?!? In case you missed it the first time around, click here to read about how MIL forced these awful things upon us. There they were, taunting me like some maniacal clown from hell. To top it off, she'd shoved Raelynn's dirty Hello Kitty socks in there, because we don't have 15 to 20 other pairs of socks the kid can wear before I do another load of laundry or anything. Total buffoon.

You might be wondering: how in the fuck did these ghastly things reemerge to see the light of day? My friends, there is a hole in the vortex of ugly clothes from MIL. It seems that while here during the week, she's got nothing better to do than go through our things. Now, if she'd gone through my own personal things, this would be a story about me kicking her so hard in her ass that it would become a permanent hat for her. No, this was my smaller, newer vortex in the storage part of Raelynn's closet. These things were buried by seasonal clothes from summer, extra blankets and clothes Raelynn is now too large for. Good old troll-face was rummaging around and guess what she found! Argh!

As you would be correct to guess, I have confiscated them once again. I already told my husband what I'd done. He didn't protest. I asked him why she was going through our closets and he said she just wants to control things. Oh, MIL, fucking please! You cannot and will not control my ass. This is my house and my family and if you want to keep coming over to see our baby, you will fuck off and quit rooting through our things.

You see? I told you all she's a manipulative cow. Bitch needs a hobby and fast. For now, the new vortex of all things ugly from MIL is holding steady. She'll never fucking find those shoes now. Ha!

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