Sunday, March 22, 2015

Jeremy's Revenge

My husband is an amazing guy. Sure, some husbands buy lots of flowers and jewelry for their wives. Mine's not too stingy with those things either. But Jeremy knows exactly how to make a gal feel loved. Sure, he says it plenty but it's how he shows it that makes me feel like the luckiest woman alive.

Today for lunch, Jeremy took me and the kids out for lunch at the Shangri-La. It's home to our favorite buffet here and while it's not cheap, the quality of the food is perfection. Cafe Yum is a large restaurant with a huge maximum capacity. You better believe on a Sunday, it was packed. They seated us at a square table for four and brought over a quality high-chair for Seoul. Our table was at the back of the restaurant, along a wall. There was a very small gap between our table and the wall, which was fine by us. They'd put the high-chair between my chair and Jeremy's chair right in that gap along the wall.

The tables around us on the other side began to fill up fast. Jeremy and I took turns getting up for food. Sushi, fresh crab, Italian meatballs, assortments of cheese, minestrone soup, soft baked pretzels and gobs of other things adorned our plates. After I'd returned from one round, I came back to find Seoul had been none too pleased with my departure. She was wailing, a combination of being ready for a nap and being pissed off that I hadn't taken her in the carrier and had dared to venture off without her. I stood in the small gap between our table and the wall, trying to comfort her and put her back in the high-chair. And to my great astonishment, some woman from a table back by the windows that overlook the garden PUSHED past me in what little shred of space still existed in that gap even with my ass occupying it.

"Hey!" I snap. But she's off making her way toward the food. And now I'm pissed because there's a large space on the other side of the table that is MUCH easier for anyone to navigate through. In fact, there are many other ways she could have taken that were not out of the way for her that had much more space to walk through. She didn't even say sorry or excuse me, in Chinese, English or any other existing language. She just shoved by me and the baby like the rude nouveau riche pig she was.

"It's too bad money can't buy class," I huff to Jeremy as I sit back down to try to enjoy my food and keep Seoul busy. Meanwhile, Jeremy gets up to grab some more food. He comes back quickly with a big smile on his face.

"I just stepped on that rude lady's foot," he says, his eyes twinkling and his smile growing wider.
"Oh what a happy coincidence!" I giggle with glee.
"No, I did it on purpose," he explains.

Yes, my awesome husband went and accidentally-on-purpose stomped on that stupid woman's foot (more than once too, I might add) and bumped into her quite deliberately as he pretended to be overly engrossed with the Korean food. She threw him a nasty look and he then feigned surprise and said, "Sorry!" In English. God, I love that man.

As he relayed this tale while we enjoyed the rest of our lunch, I laughed so hard I cried. And then I realized just how much my husband loves me. We were in a nice place so he couldn't just shout at the woman and call her out on her rude behavior. Yet, he wasn't going to allow anyone to get away with it either. Thank you, sweet husband. I love you too!

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