Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Powdered Husband

This morning after Raelynn left for the park with MIL (who has gotten over being angry at her son for no reason), Jeremy and I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. He'll be hanging around the house today because he's leaving for Guangzhou tomorrow. While he's still home and before I am stuck with 2 children under the age of 5 all by myself (with some cooking interruptions from MIL of course), I thought I'd ask him to help me with a few things.

One of those things was refilling the baby powder bottle.

See, here in China, they mostly sell baby powder in tubs, like this:
Do they do this in the US? Or in any other Western country? Please, tell me if they do because when I left America, I did not have kids and therefore was not purchasing baby powder.

I hate these tubs because they come with a little powder puff, like the kind you'd get when you buy face powder make-up. You're supposed to use the puff and dab it into a big bowl of powder, which you hope you don't tip over and spill everywhere while you try to powder up your wriggling baby's buns. It's really the stupidest product design I've ever seen. I'm astonished this exists.

This bottle design makes much more sense. These are much harder to find over here. In fact, we were overjoyed to find it because we'd been stuck buying the tubs of powder for a while.

But now it was empty and we of course couldn't find another bottle. So, we kept this one and bought a tub of powder. The idea was to pour the powder from the tub into the bottle. The twist top is difficult to remove so I asked Jeremy if he'd mind helping me.

He set right to work and I lay on our bed nursing a very sleepy Seoul who ate and slept through this whole thing.

Suddenly, I hear a muffled pop. And then a cascade of powder rains down upon our room. Most of it on my husband.

Hahaha! Oh my poor sweet Jeremy! At least he was just as amused as I was. And now he smells lovely. Hey, it's better than baby spit-up, right?

What's extra funny about this is that while he was working on this little project, I was telling him an interesting anecdote from my childhood. When I was a little girl around Raelynn's age or perhaps just a wee bit older, I woke in the middle of the night and took the baby powder and powdered my whole room. I remember doing it too. I don't know what possessed me to do it. I just clearly remember waking up, taking the powder and dousing my whole room with it.

What I did not know at the time of the powdering was that my older brother, Phillip, had apparently done the very same thing when he was little. Except he also powdered our dachshund, Snoopy. Poor Snoopy.

Raelynn's only taken the tubs of powder and powdered her hands and face, like a Chinese opera star. I should have photographed that but I was more concerned that she'd taken a chair and used it to climb up to the shelf that the powder had been on. Oh they grow up way too fast!


  1. If it's the kind of baby powder which contains talc, you might want to avoid it. Cornstarch is OK. I've seen cornstarch in Chinese recipes, so it must exist there. It's something like "yumi dianfen." (?) Not sure how convenient the packaging would be, but it's hard to imagine it would be worse than the powder puff thing. Never seen that kind here.

    1. I'm not sure. I know when I was first prego with Raelynn, my folks got us a cornstarch-based powder. I'll ask my husband if it has cornstarch or not but I'm not too worried as I grew up in an era where talc was used and I'm fine.

      And isn't that THE stupidest packaging idea? They must be trying to appeal to Chinese consumers. People here just have to do everything the hardest way possible.