Sunday, February 24, 2013

Aw Man!

I can't even believe it. In just one more day, my lovely 2-month vacation from work will be over. Instead of snuggling with my precious little toddler, I have to drag my tired ass out of bed by 6am and attempt to smudge make-up over my sleepy face and do about 1,000 other little things before the clock strikes 7am so I can be at work on time.

I must endure boring meetings and stupid little changes, or "changies" as the Koreans call them. Can you tell I'm super excited about this mess? Not in the slightest. I will be happy to see my fellow teachers though. They make the place alright. It could always be worse too, couldn't it? Yes. It could. Just read this post about my old advertising job.

During my vacation, I've only dealt with my one darling child who I love with all my heart. Even though she can drive me insane by drawing on the walls with crayons, pencils, pens or markers. Or breaking through the child safety locks and emptying out entire cabinets and drawers. Or removing every single piece of laundry that was hanging to dry from the rack and putting it into a huge mass on the floor that hadn't yet been mopped. Yeah, she can drive me batty but she's mine. It's been great teaching her new things too. She says so many cool things now. She can count to 3, sometimes to 10 if she feels like it. Usually she skips a few numbers in there, but it's cute all the same. I'm going to miss this.

Instead, I get to trade it for 20 seven-year-old Korean children. That's 19 more ways to be driven crazy than I have right now. Super. Back to losing my voice every other month from a combination of singing and screaming. I think I'm burning out on kindergarten. But you know what they say - "it's better to burn out than fade away." Or maybe just Def Leppard said that.

In any event, it's happening and I've got no choice now. I'm in it, so I better be in it to win it. I'm sure once I meet my students, I'll find something to love about each of them. And I know I'll feel good when I get each one reading by the end of the year. Tomorrow is my last day of vacation so I'm going to do my best to make it rock, even if we just stay at home.

Tonight was the Chinese lantern festival, or as I should probably call it "Just Another Night of Being Forced to Eat at My Stupid In-laws' House." She made the same things she made for the Chinese New Year dinner. I hate that she makes the same shit all the time. I feel like I'm eating leftovers for a year. She made one different dish - a fried lotus root that was stuffed with some sort of pork and vegetables. It's great but it is really fattening. You can see it in the photo below. It is to the right of that mush which is actually MIL's version of Beijing-style eggplant. She made it AGAIN. Bless her heart for trying.

The highlight of the dinner was watching Raelynn color. She drew all over herself too. That was fun to scrub off. Not! I was pleased when she made a giant, stinky poop though. FIL helped me out by carting off the rancid hell that was her diaper. That made me giggle.
 Future tattoo artist perhaps? Que sera, sera!

Oh! And there were these people on the TV:

Why, yes. They DO look like they are wearing lampshades on their heads. And yes, that's a new TV. I bought it for them. Why? Because my husband wanted to give them something and I thought if I buy it, the next time he gets sand in his peehole about something and starts to yell, I can throw this gem back up into his face and he'll shut the hell up.

And what could make a night with your boring in-laws tolerable? Tsingtao beer, of course!!

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