Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Eek! A Mouse!

The mouse pictured above is not the mouse in question.

This morning at school, the other English teacher and I were gabbing away about my impending absence over the next week while my family is here visiting and our upcoming Halloween party, among other things. Suddenly, my Korean teacher, Christina, came flying into the room, lunging for the office phone like it was the last subway of the evening with the doors closing. She looked extremely upset. She'd just been in a meeting for Korean teachers so I thought perhaps some office crap happened. I asked her what was wrong. "There's a mouse in Bell class!" she chokes out. Then she pleas into the phone for the maintenance guy to hurry up and get the wretched thing out of there. A mouse in our school house? I'm grossed out yet feel sorry for the creature all at once.

A short time later, I pass by the Bell classroom on my way to the bathroom and I have to swallow my laughter as I hear the sounds of furniture being pushed about and Eun Ah, the Bell class Korean teacher, shrieking. And soon, the hullabaloo was over and on went the day.

Of course, my last day before having a few days off to spend with my family would feel like an eternity. Every Tuesday, we have a team meeting. This Tuesday was no exception. Aside from wanting to go home in general, I was now being forced to listen to minute details about the Sports Day event we'd be having on Friday. Yes, Friday, when I will be drinking beers with my dad and making fun of my brother. Friday, when my daughter further ensnares all of their hearts with her darling little smile. My boss, Lesley, is droning on and on about the activities for that day. I'm beyond relieved when I hear her say, "Halloween." Now that's something I need to pay attention to!

But I soon grow annoyed as Lesley frowns over our activity plan - which I must tell you, she's reviewed no less than 20 times in the last 2 days - and asks the other English teacher and me how everyone will know our party is over. She now wanted some sort of finale to it. And suddenly, I had it! I knew how we could let everyone know that the party was finished. I say brightly, "Well, do we still have that mouse from this morning? We could just turn it loose again and everyone will run off. I'm sure they'll get the hint that the party is over then." And with that, Christina, my normally very professional Korean teacher, completely burst into the loudest, most hysterical laughter I have ever heard from her. Sadly, my idea was rejected. In the end, we decided it best to end with having all the parents hand out candy to their kids. That sucks because Christina and I were totally all for the mouse!

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