Saturday, May 9, 2015

And So It Begins!

With 8 weeks to go before we fly home to the US, we don't have much time to spare. Since we decided we're not shipping anything, the task now is to go through our things and decide what can fit in the 6 checked suitcases we will be bringing with us. I took command, telling Jeremy we should pack what wintery items we wanted to take along with us because we don't need those things now.

I explained my strategy...
Since we will have 6 suitcases with us, we do NOT want to dig through 6 suitcases at my parents' house while we're staying there. We want the things we need while we're there to be confined to one, maybe 2 of those suitcases. Yeah, I know. I'm fucking brilliant.

So I began the process of rolling and folding and loading. And before I knew it, one suitcase was packed to the gills.
Before I stuffed it completely full, I crammed in some of my favorite Carl Hiaasen novels. Like hell am I leaving those behind!

But the real genius is my friend Meredith who left a comment on my luggage photo on WeChat. She suggested we get those vacuum clothing bags off TaoBao. And suddenly, I felt like a huge idiot because WE HAVE THOSE! I cannot even believe neither Jeremy nor I had this genius idea. Maybe I'm not as brilliant as previously suspected but hey, we still have plenty of time to pack using this newly acquired strategy. Stay tuned for more adventures in packing!

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