Monday, April 15, 2013

Oops...She Did It Again

I wish this thing would come eat my in-laws and all their vomitous clothing gifts.

Remember when MIL pissed me off by going through our dirty laundry basket just to find one of the ugly garments she'd bought for Raelynn so she could wash it by hand in her foul-smelling piss-stench soap? Yeah, well that old crusty, unwashed, nut-brained troll has gone and done it again. Even after my husband told her that I don't feel comfortable with someone else rooting through our laundry basket. It just further proves my point that even though she tells my husband how much she cares for us (me included) she has zero respect for me. But yet I am supposed to respect HER. Well, any chance she ever had of me actually respecting her just flew out the window and shat upon the grimy streets of Qingdao.

Last week, I came home to discover she'd bought the world's ugliest pants ever manufactured for our precious daughter, hand washed them and hung them to dry on the arm of my computer chair. Because she's too lazy or stupid to get the rack for wet clothes. Or maybe she was taunting me. Now that I think about it, perhaps it was a taunt. I say this because when I came home today, she'd snagged them off the drying rack. I normally don't leave dry clothes on there for days on end, but we had Raelynn's birthday party on Saturday and then Sunday, I had a first-class migraine. So everything waited until today, Monday. I was actually going to put them in the closet. Under ALL the pants. She'd have found them with little effort. I was trying to be nice. But I am never being nice to that vile buzzard-brained bovine ever again. EVER.

It wasn't that she took the pants off the rack, likely stashing them in her haggish bag to sneak onto Raelynn when I go to work. Don't be fooled - that pisses me off but nothing made me more enraged to toss the laundry into the washer and discover the red, grandma-esque sweater she'd bought for Raelynn wasn't there. I'd told her, as did her own son, that I would wash it when I did the laundry. It was in our laundry basket. Now, I didn't like the sweater too much but it wasn't completely unfortunate looking. For her, it was an improvement. I'd decided I'd pick my battles and I'd be kind about this sweater. But that wasn't good enough for her. Again, she violated my privacy - after being told that it was upsetting and disrespectful to me - just so she could be a manipulative fuck like she always is.

You asked for it, MIL. All bets are off. If you think I wasn't nice to you before, you are in for a new wave of total bitchiness from me. I will not have you come into my house and invade my privacy. I wish I could put a cobra in there or that the laundry monster would come and gobble her up. What a total asshat she is.

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