Saturday, August 17, 2013

Engrish At Its' Best

This will be short and sweet. Jeremy has a friend visiting our fair city, along with the throngs of other August tourists, and we've been showing her and her son around. I'm beat. I just started back to work this week. I will say that now that my class size went from 20 to 14, and one of the children that left was a tantrum-throwing instigator, school is wonderfully pleasant.

It becomes even more lovely when you walk right into something like this though:
Take off your shoeses.
I'd like to point out that the Korean portion says "please" in it. This is a very rough translation into English. The "shoeses" is especially amusing to me because I can picture Eun Ah, the Korean teacher guilty of this Engrish infraction, trying to think really hard about what it should say in English. Shoes. Is that singular or plural? And hey, if I'm talking about everyone's shoes, wouldn't I add another "es" to it? Yeah! That MUST be right! I don't need to ask an English teacher about that! Ha!

It totally reminds me of Mr. Jinks from the old Pixie and Dixie cartoons. "You miserable meeces! I'll tear you to pieces!"
 I always find it funny that each semester, there is some new Engrish plastered up on the walls. Engrish that they just have to take down and correct after they find me doubled over with laughter snapping photos of it. Why they don't just consult me first is beyond me. I guess they like making signs twice.

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